Waiver for Our Emergency Training Sessions

Liability Release Form

I fully understand that my participation in this activity/class exposes me to the risk of personal injury, death or property damage. I hereby acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in this activity/class and agree to assume any such risks. I have been issued safety glasses that I must wear during skills stations or I understand that I can wear my own glasses/sunglasses. If I choose to wear my personal glasses it is my choice. If broken, lost, stolen or misplaced, I will not hold Accredited EMS Fire Training Inc. responsible. I hereby release, discharge and agree not to sue Accredited EMS Fire Training Inc., its officers, employees, agents and independent contractors or anyone of affiliation for any injury, death or damage to or loss of personal property arising out of, or in connection with, participation in the activity/class from whatever cause, including the active or passive negligence of other participants in the activity/class. Accredited EMS Fire Training Inc. follows all California State Laws, Regulations and Guidelines. We will adhere to California State Fire Marshal, AHA (American Heart Association) and the NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians). In consideration for being permitted to participate in the activity/class, I hereby agree, for myself, my heirs, administration, executors and assigns, that I shall indemnify and hold harmless Accredited EMS Fire Training Inc. from any and all claims, demands, action or suits arising out of or in connection with my participation in the activity/class. This form will act as a medical release in the case of an emergency. If any injury occurs immediate medical aid will be summoned or if needed (911).

Accredited EMS Fire Training Liability Release Form2017

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