ITLS Provider

ITLS Provider includes 8 hours of classroom instruction, 8 hours of hands-on skills training, and testing for ITLS Basic or Advanced certification. Innovative skills stations let you practice the abilities appropriate for your level of certification.

With its comprehensive approach to core knowledge and skills, ITLS Provider is appropriate for all levels of EMS personnel—from EMT-Bs and first responders to advanced EMTs, paramedics, trauma nurses, and physicians.

Course length: 16 hours
Testing: Written Exam and Practical Exam

ITLS Recertification

ITLS Provider Recertification focuses on recertification of trauma assessment and management skills for the experienced provider who has already completed the Basic or Advanced Provider course.

The 1-day Provider Recertification course covers the same skills stations and testing procedures as the 2-day Provider course.

Course length: 8 hours
Testing: Written Exam and Practical Exam

ITLS Pediatric

ITLS Pediatric focuses on the special needs of young trauma patients. In 8 hours, you will learn the principles of proper assessment, management, critical interventions, patient packaging, and rapid transport. You also will practice proven techniques for communicating with young patients and their parents.

Course Length: 8 hours

ITLS Military

Train in military casualty care with the all-new ITLS Military 2nd edition program that combines the fundamentals of ITLS trauma assessment and treatment with recent military innovations utilized in the world’s current war zones.

Course length: 16 hours

ITLS Duty to Respond

ITLS DUTY TO RESPOND is a 1-day hands-on practical trauma management course designed for first responders who have a duty to respond to emergencies.
The course manual is the ITLS Duty to Respond: First On Scene Rapid Trauma Management pocket guide.

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